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Making controls change other controls
Making controls change other controls (continued)
3 On the Macro Tools Design tab, select Show All Actions. (Otherwise,
you will not see the SetValue macro command in the drop-down list
of commands.)
4 Add a SetProperty command. In our example, this will enable a
second control when the first control has been validated and the
After Update macro fires.
5 Add a SetValue macro command. In our example, we set the value
of our second control to the same value entered in the first control.
(IntelliSense will assist you when you are typing data in the Item
and Expression fields.)
TIP The Action Catalog on the right side of our screen
provides an alternative method for both displaying the available
macro commands and selecting a command. If you double-click a
command, it will be added on the left. Also notice the warning triangle
shown next to all commands that are available only in a Trusted
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