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Section 13: Administrating a database
Administrating a
In this section:
In this section, we will look at a number of Access features that will assist
Compacting and repairing your
Analyzing your database
Protecting your data
Viewing object dependencies
you in managing and configuring your database.
The Compact & Repair feature helps you optimize the database for best
performance and resolve any inconsistencies.
In protecting your data, we look at how to password-protect and encrypt
your database to prevent others from opening it either with Access or with
another tool.
The Analysis Tools feature enables you to use the Database Documenter
tool to produce printed documentation of your design. The Performance
Analyzer database tool will give you advice and tips on improving your
design, and you can use the Table Analyzer Wizard to restructure a table
into a more consistent format for use in a relational database.
Inside Access is a map of how all your tables, queries, forms, and reports
are dependent on each other. The Object Dependencies feature allows you
to examine this map and quickly locate dependent objects.
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