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Compacting and repairing your database
Compacting and repairing your database
As changes are made to your data over a period of time, such
as when data is deleted or updated, the data will eventually no
longer be ordered on the physical storage in the most
efficient manner. Over time, as objects are created and removed,
the database will also grow in size. Compacting the database
reduces the size of the files and makes the database operate
faster by reorganizing the physical data. Before you can
compact or repair a shared database, you must ensure that no one is
using it.
The repair operation corrects for any problems in the
consistency of the data or indexes in the database. A single process is
used to both compact and repair a database.
Compact and repair a database
1 With your database open, click the File tab.
2 Click Compact & Repair. This will compact and repair the database
and will reopen the database when the process is completed.
3 Drag your database onto the desktop to create a shortcut.
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TIP To create a shortcut, click to select the database, hold
down the right mouse button, drag the file to for example the
desktop, release the mouse button and select Create shortcuts here.
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