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Analyzing your database
Analyzing your database
Access provides the following tools for gaining an overview of
your database structure:
The Analyze Performance tool looks at the structure of
your database and provides recommendations for
revisions that you can make to the design of the database.
The Analyze Table tool can restructure tables to provide
for a more flexible and relational structure.
The Documenter tool provides you with a basic level of
documentation on your design.
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Document a database
1 Click the Database Tools tab.
2 Click Database Documenter.
3 Use the tabs and check boxes in the Documenter popup window to
select objects that you want to document.
4 Click OK to produce a report documenting the selected objects.
TIP The default documentation can produce a large amount
of paper. One of the available options enables you to produce a
shorter summary of the information.
Analyze performance of a database
1 Click the Database Tools tab.
2 Click Analyze Performance.
3 In the Performance Analyzer popup window, use the tabs and check
boxes to select objects to analyze.
4 Click OK to receive advice about improving performance of your
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