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Viewing object dependencies
Viewing object dependencies
The database has an internal map that tells Access where an
object like a table is used in queries, in relationships to other
tables, and on forms and reports. This feature enables the
product to automatically modify the design of dependent objects
when you make changes in an object.
Now imagine that you have queries, forms, and reports that all
refer to [Contact Name]. However, because Access has a map
of the dependencies, it can automatically correct references to
[Contact Name]. Note that there are some limitations on these
changes, relating to using the object name in more complex
expressions and calculations.
For example, say you have a table with a field called [Contact
Name], and you decide to remove the space and rename it
View an object’s dependencies
1 Select an object in the navigation pane.
2 Click the Database Tools tab.
3 Click Object Dependencies.
4 Click any of the objects on the right to display the object in Design
5 Close the Object Dependencies pane, and open a table in Design
view. Then click Object Dependencies to see how this feature can
be activated when you have a table in Design view.
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