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Adding a table template
Adding a table template
When choosing a table template, you can type a noun
representing the kind of data that you need to store. Access then
attempts to match this with one of a large number of common
After a noun is matched and selected, one or more tables are
added to your application. This is an extremely powerful way
to get started because in addition to simply adding the tables,
Access creates a set of views for interacting with the data and
creates a menu system for navigating between the views.
Add a table template
1 Type a name for your table, and click the search symbol to see the
matches displayed.
2 Select a table from the available list.
3 Click a table in the Table Selector to display a list of available views
for the table.
4 Click any item in the View Selector to display the associated view.
TIP Typing All and clicking the search symbol displays a list of
all available templates. Take care as you scroll through the list
because it is easy to click a table by mistake and thus unintentionally
create the table. You will also find that sometimes when you select one
table—for example, Orders—several other related tables are
automatically created to assist you in building the database.
CAUTION The term view can be a bit confusing if you are
familiar with SQL Server. In Access client terminology, view has
the same meaning as form , and a query is equivalent to a SQL Server
view . When you create a table template, Access will automatically
generate at least two, and sometimes three, views (depending on the
table). You will also find that lookups to link together your views have
been automatically added to the selected tables, depending on the
tables that have been created.
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