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Adding a blank table
Adding a blank table
As an alternative to using a predefined table template for your
Web App, you can create individual tables and then relate these
tables by using lookups. Access allows you to either start with a
completely empty Web App or add to an existing Web App you
have created by using a template.
The first field in any table is created automatically; it is called ID.
This is an AutoNumber field and cannot be removed because a
Web App table needs a unique numeric field as a primary key.
When you add a new table (for example, Countries ), Access
automatically creates two views (for example, Countries List and
Countries Datasheet ).
Add a blank table
1 Click Table from the Home tab of the ribbon. Then select Add A
New Blank Table.
2 Select an appropriate data type for each new field name.
3 Change any appropriate field properties. When you click any field
name, the lower area of the screen displays the properties for the
4 Click Save to save the table.
5 Type a table name, and click OK.
TIP Although the ID field cannot be removed, you can rename
this field. For example, in a Customer table, you could rename
the field ID to CustomerID if you think that this would help when you are
working with the database structure, such as when designing queries.
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