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Launching a Web App
Launching a Web App
When you are creating your Web App, you can modify and
adjust what is contained in the application, but it is not until
you launch the app that you can enter data and explore how to
interact with the app through your web browser.
When you view your data in a browser, you can see the action bar,
which enables you to add, delete, and save changes to your data.
An exception is in the Datasheet view, where changes are recorded
when you click onto a new record. Otherwise, you need to use the
action bar to save changes to the record you are editing.
Launch a Web App
1 Click Launch App from the Home tab of the ribbon.
2 Click a table in which you want to enter data.
3 Type data in some of the available fields.
On the action bar, click to save your changes.
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TIP The action bar on a view can be customized to contain up
to 10 icons. It is often a good idea to hide rather than delete
icons that you do not want to show because, if deleted, these built-in
icons cannot be easily added back to the action bar.
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