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Working with the Datasheet view
Working with the Datasheet view
The Datasheet view is the second of three presentations for
data; this presentation provides a tabulation of the data and can
be scrolled left to right.
The columns can be reordered and adjusted in width, and the
rows can be sorted and filtered.
When working with the Datasheet view to enter new data, you
can start by typing into a blank row or by clicking the plus sign
(+) on the action bar. To edit an existing row, type into a cell in
the row. Records and changes are saved when you click a cell in
another row.
Work with the Datasheet view
1 Click Datasheet.
2 Type new data in a record. After you move out of the first field, the
record selector on the left changes to a pencil shape.
3 Click a cell in any other row to save your changes.
4 Point to a column heading until the mouse shape changes to a
cross. Click, hold, and drag the column to a new column position to
reorder the column.
Click the drop-down arrow to display options for filtering and
sorting data.
TIP Although it might appear that you cannot filter by
multiple choices, this is not the case. After making a selection
and filtering the data (the value Couch in our example), when you
redisplay the filtering options, a check box will appear against the
current filter value. Making a second choice (Peterson) adds another
filter value, and the data will then filter by both choices.
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