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Working with a summary view
Working with a summary view
A summary view is the third way of presenting data. Summary
views created by templates typically use By Group as the label in
the view selector. Summary views allow you to view a tabulation
of data by grouping on a particular field. You can also filter the
grouping field to limit the displayed groups.
A summary view combines a list of values with the related
item control, which tabulates the matched records. The view is
Work with a summary view
1 Find a suitable table that has a By Group view. Click By Group.
2 Type any filtering data to reduce the visible groups.
3 Click the search symbol, and then click a desired group to display
the members of the group.
4 In views created by templates, you can click the tabulated record to
display a popup window for a detailed record.
SEE ALSO We describe how to create summary views that
summarize numerical data, displaying totals for your records,
in Section 3, “Modifying a web app.”
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