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Finding your site and navigating to the team site
Finding your site and navigating to the team site
Your team site contains all your Web Apps. If you start by
launching your Web App, you can use the Navigate Up menu
choice to get to the site, or you can get to the site from your
main Office 365 Account area. On the left menu, the Recent
choices will display a list of Recent items. Use the Site Contents
to display all items on the site.
If you are using a different computer, where your copy of Access
does not have your site located as a Recent item, you can go to
Team Site – Site Contents and open your Web App in Access.
Find a site
1 Click Back To Site.
2 Click Site Contents.
3 Click the ellipse button (...) to display other options for an
4 Close the options for the application, and click a Web App to
display the application in the browser window.
5 Click Customize In Access.
6 Click Open to launch your Web App in Access, and answer OK
to any further security prompts to open the Web App on your
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