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Importing from an Access desktop database
Importing from an Access desktop database
If you have an existing Access Desktop database, you can import
the tables and, optionally, the data from that database into
a new Web App. The data can be imported from a variety of
sources, including an Access desktop database.
investigate the techniques described in this section, you can
refer to Section 1, “About this book,” for information about how
to download the sample data that we have used in preparing
this section of the book.
Where possible, the process of importing data will also import
relationships between your tables and convert these to
lookups. If you don’t have an appropriate database available to
We start with a new custom Web App into which we will import
existing data.
Import an Access database
1 Click Table on the Home tab of the ribbon.
2 On the Add Tables screen, click Access.
3 Click Browse.
4 Locate the Access desktop database file. (If you do not already have
an accessible database file, you will not be able to complete any
further steps until you have installed or created one.)
5 Click Open.
6 Click OK.
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