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Changing the design of a table
Change the design of a table
The following table describes the data types that are available.
For each data type, we show in parentheses the SQL Server data
type that is used to store the data.
Data type
Description (SQL Server data type)
Shor t Tex t
Unicode Text field allowing a maximum of 4,000 characters (nvarchar(4000)). The default is 220 characters.
Long Text
Large amounts of text (corresponds to a nvarchar(max), 2^30–1 bytes in SQL Server 2012).
Whole number with no decimal places (int), Floating-point number (float), and Fixed-point number (decimal(28,6), six decimal
Date (date), Time (time(3)), and Date with Time (datetime2(3)).
Money (decimal(28,6)).
(bit) True, False (default is False).
Large amount of text (nvarchar(max)).
Binary Image data (varbinary(max) 2^31-1 bytes in SQL Server 2012).
Calculated field using SQL Server functions. Storage depends on expression.
Creates a foreign key lookup. (Lookup foreign key stored as integer (int)).
TIP Behind the scenes in Office 365, your data is stored in
Microsoft SQL Server for a corporate solution or using
Microsoft SQL Azure in conjunction with Office 365. SQL Server is similar to
Access in being a relational database but it is more scalable (so it can
handle more data that the normal Access Database), and SQL Azure is a
version of SQL Server that it is the platform that Microsoft use to
deliver data on the web. We only explain the underlying SQL Server
data types here for reference; you don’t need to learn anything new to
use this.
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