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Creating a lookup/relationship
Creating a lookup/relationship
A Web App allows you to create a lookup, which ties or relates
data between tables. (The relationship concept is described in
Section 4, “Creating a desktop database,” for a desktop database.)
The Web App does not have a separate area for viewing
relationships. You can view them for individual tables by selecting Modify
Lookups in the Table Tools group on the Design tab.
A Web App simplifies the design process by keeping you
focused on creating lookups between tables. The terms
relationship and lookup mean the same thing in a Web App, and in the
popup window used to create the lookup, you will see options
similar to those available for creating relationships in a desktop
Create a lookup
1 On a blank line in the Field Name column, type a name for the
2 In the Data Type column, select the Lookup data type.
3 Select the option to look up data from a table or query.
4 Select the table from which you want to get a value.
5 Select the field to display.
6 Choose how the related records are managed.
7 Click OK.
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TIP The lower part of the Lookup Wizard screen displays the
optional rules for defining a relationship between the tables.
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