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Designing with a List Details view
Designing with a List Details view
A view in a Web App is similar to a form in a desktop database.
There are four types of views; List Details, Datasheet, Summary,
and Blank. The List Details view is a powerful feature. In its
simplest form, it has a vertical tabulation of the available records
on the left side of the view, and when a record is selected, the
record details are displayed on the right side of the view.
The layout capabilities of this view mean that as you delete,
add, or move fields, the layout automatically moves other fields
to accommodate the position of the new fields, simplifying the
process of altering the view. The Record Source field (where the
view gets the data) allows you to choose from the table or any
queries that include the table.
Create a List Details view
1 Locate the object in the Table Selector.
2 Click the plus sign.
3 Type a name for the view, select List Details as the view type, and
select the record source.
4 Click Add New View.
5 When the new view is displayed, click Edit.
TIP In the lower part of a view, you may have a related item
control (Orders in our example). To resize the control, click to
select it (it will change color when selected); you can then grab the top
edge of the control (the mouse shape will change when hovering over
the edge) and resize the control.
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