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Designing with a List Details view
Remove fields
1 Click a field.
2 Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple fields and labels. Press the
Delete key to remove the fields.
3 Select any other fields to be repositioned, and drag the fields to
close up white space.
TIP By using the Ctrl key, you can select multiple controls and
move them around the layout. After selecting the controls,
move the mouse over the area until a crossing arrows symbol is
displayed, and then click the left mouse button and drag the controls
to a new position. As you move the controls around, other controls will
change position, opening up a gap into which you can position the new
Add fields
1 Select a field from the Field List on the right side.
2 Drag the field to a new position on the display area.
3 As you move over other fields, they will make space to allow the
new control to be positioned.
CAUTIon Although you can select multiple fields in the Field
List, when you use the dragging action to add the fields, only
the first field will be added.
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