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Designing with a summary view
Designing with a summary view
A summary view allows you to summarize data by calculating
a sum or average. You need to choose a table or query with
numerical fields before you can work with many of the best
features in this type of view.
If you have been creating tables by using templates, you might
already have seen examples of a summary view, which would
appear as a third available view on some of the tables. When
you create your own tables, a Web App will automatically create
a List view and a Datasheet view.
The Record Source field (where the view gets the data) allows
you to choose from the table or any queries that include the
Create a summary view
1 Locate the object in the Table Selector.
2 Click the plus sign.
3 Type a name for the view, select Summary as the view type, and
select the record source.
4 Click Add New View.
5 When the new view is displayed, click Edit.
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