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Designing with a blank view
Designing with a blank view
A blank view will create a presentation that does not display
any fields from the table. This can give you a greater amount of
control over what data is displayed, although it might involve
more work in creating the view.
example, we will add to the Products table View Selector a view
that allows you to browse through the Category records but not
display any associated record from the Products table.
Normally, a view displays information from the table associated
with the selected table and related tables, but you can add a
view that displays information from an unrelated table. In this
Create a blank view
1 Locate the object in the Table Selector.
2 Click the plus sign.
3 Type a name for the view, select Blank as the view type, and then
select the record source.
4 Click Add New View.
5 When the new view is displayed, click Edit.
6 Click the Data icon.
7 Change the record source.
8 Close the Data popup window.
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