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Open, rename, duplicate, or delete a view
open, rename, duplicate, or delete a view
When you display a view in Access, you can use the Settings/
Actions charm next to the view name to perform basic
operations on the view. The options are Open In Browser, Edit, Rename,
Duplicate, and Delete.
the table and then select the view. The Rename option allows
you to change the name of the view, the Duplicate option
makes a copy of a view, and the Delete option removes the
When you choose Open In Browser, the view immediately
displays in the browser window, saving you from having to locate
This task will demonstrate how, when editing a view, you can
switch to the table design and modify the structure of the table.
Change a table design when editing a view
1 Click the Settings/Actions charm.
2 Select Edit.
3 If you are editing a view and displaying the Field List, you will see
a link to edit the design of the table. Click the Edit Table option to
change the design of the table.
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TIP If you switch to design view on the table, you will find that
you need to close any open views before you can save any
changes that you make to the table.
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