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Creating a query
Creating a query
A query provides a powerful mechanism for filtering and
sorting data. It can also be used to bring together data from several
tables or other queries in a single presentation.
In Section 7, “Modifying data using queries,” we describe how
you can create action queries that modify data in a desktop
database—for example, updating a set of rows. These action
queries are not available in a Web App.
Like a table, a query can be opened to display data in the
design interface without showing the results in the browser. To
display the results in the browser, you need to create a view that
uses the query.
Create a query
1 Click Advanced on the Home tab of the ribbon.
2 Select Query.
3 From the Show Table Dialog box, select one or more queries or
tables from the Show Table dialog box by double-clicking each
Click Close when you have finished making selections.
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