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Modifying the Table Selector
Modifying the Table Selector
In a Web App, you interact with the data by selecting a table
from the Table Selector and then selecting an available view
associated with the table from a list of available views, called the
View Selector.
Each table in the Table Selector can be modified to rename
captions or hide a table caption without affecting the
underlying table. This means that the Table Selector works like a main
menu for the application, and the View Selector works like a
Modify the Table Selector to hide or show a
1 Click the table in the Table Selector.
2 Click the Settings/Actions charm.
3 Select Hide.
The table name caption in the Table Selector is now grayed out.
If an item is deleted, the underlying table will also
be deleted.
TIP After you hide a table, the table name caption will be
grayed out and moved to the bottom of the Table Selector. The
table name caption will be hidden when you are viewing results in a
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