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Creating a blank desktop database
Creating a blank desktop database
After starting Access as described at the beginning of Section
2, “Creating a custom Web App,” you can use one of the
available template databases, or you can create a blank database as
described in this section.
Access offers you the flexibility to use templates of commonly
encountered database structures or to start with an empty
database into which you can either import existing data or create a
solution tailored to your specific needs.
Create a blank desktop database
1 Click Blank Desktop Database.
2 Type a name for your database.
3 Select a file location in which to save the database.
4 Click Create.
5 When the new blank database opens in layout view (described later
in this section), you will see that Access has created a table called
Table1. At this point, we can close this table without saving any
changes to the new table. Click the Close button to close the table.
TIP The templates for a desktop application all begin with the
word desktop , and you can scroll down the list of templates to
see these. Other templates are for creating a Web App.
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