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Creating a table in design view
Creating a table in design view
Creating tables in design view gives you the greatest control
over how the fields and properties are set, but it also involves
more work than other techniques. Each field in the table design
has a set of properties that you can safely leave at the default
values. You can change these properties as you gain a deeper
understanding of the product’s features.
A fantastic feature of Access is that the design view can always
be used to modify an existing table structure, regardless of
which technique you use to create the table.
2 1
Create a table
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Table Design.
3 Type a name in the Field Name column for each field you want—for
example, Customername .
4 In the Data Type drop-down list, select a data type for each
field—for example, Short Text. (At the end of this exercise, a table
describes the data types that are available.)
5 Click Save.
Provide a name for the table, and click OK.
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TIP Designers sometimes begin table names with a prefix,
such as tbl —for example, tblCustomers —to distinguish tables
from queries (which are prefixed with qry) when both appear in one
list. Having a naming convention is a good idea when you’re creating
complex databases.
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