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Creating a table in design view
Create a table
7 If you have not created a primary key, you will be prompted to add
a key. Click Yes to add a primary key.
8 After saving your table, the new ID primary key is added to the
9 The table now appears in the navigation pane.
TIP Because there are several different choices here for
numbers, you might find it easiest to use a Long Integer for
whole numbers and use a Double for numbers with decimal places.
TIP If you know which field(s) would make a good choice for a
unique primary key, select the fields and click the primary key
button. A primary key must be unique for each record in the table and
cannot be null (blank). You can use more than one field to create a
composite primary key, where each field doesn’t contain unique values,
but the combination of fields will always be unique.
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