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Creating a table in layout view
Creating a table in layout view
The layout view in Access can be used for tables, forms, and
reports, and it enables you to make design changes without
using the more complex design view. You can make changes
and, at the same time, see how the design will finally look. In
layout view, you have less control over detailed choices, but
you have a faster and more intuitive interface through which to
interact with the table.
In layout view, Access automatically adds a unique AutoNumber
primary key, called ID , to your blank table design. After working
in the layout view, you can always switch to the design view to
refine your choices.
Create a table
1 Click the Create tab.
2 Click Table.
3 Click the Click To Add drop-down list.
4 Select a data type.
5 Replace the default caption Field1 with a name for the field.
6 Click Save.
7 Provide a name for the table, and click OK.
3 4
TIP At this point, you will find it easier both to close the Field
List pane on the right and to switch from the Table Tools tab to
the Fields tab, which displays the full set of choices for setting
properties on each field.
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