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Creating a table in layout view
Change field captions and descriptions
1 Click the Fields tab.
2 Click the ContactName field.
3 Click Name & Caption.
4 In the Enter Field Properties popup window, change the Caption
field to Contact Name, and for the Description type name of
company contact .
5 Click OK. The title for the column is now displayed with a space via
the Caption property, and the description will be displayed on the
lower left on the status bar.
TIP One of the most common field data types to add is Short
Text. The default field size is 255 characters (shown on the
ribbon below Default Value). If you need only 20 characters, reducing
the field size can help prevent you from accidentally storing more
information than can be displayed—for example, when you have
positioned a field on a form or report to be a specific size. Otherwise,
do not worry about making it smaller just to save space.
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