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Working with data parts in layout view
Working with data parts in layout view
Data parts, which are shown in layout view in the More Fields
drop-down list, allow you to quickly add one or more fields to
a table from a list of prepared fields. For example, adding an
Address will add the fields Address, City, StateProvince, ZipPost,
and CountryRegion to your table.
You can also select any number of existing fields that you have
added to a table, and add them to this list of data parts so that
you can easily add those fields to another table.
Add a data part
1 With a table open in layout view (for the Customers table in our
example), click the Click To Add box at the right of the datasheet.
The cursor will then be positioned to add the new fields at the end
of the datasheet.
2 Click the Fields tab.
3 Click More Fields.
4 Scroll down the list of available fields, and click the Address field.
5 The new fields are automatically added to the design of the table.
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