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Validate that data in a field is of the correct type
Validate that data in a field is of the correct type
You can validate the data entered into a field in the following ways:
check that the values are correctly entered. There is also
an option to add a default value for a field, which can help
with validation.
Make the choices for the field by selecting from a list
of values, either by using a specific (hard-coded) set of
values or by looking up the values from another table.
You can combine these techniques to provide the required level
of data validation.
Choose the correct data type for the field. (If you choose a
Date field, you can enter only valid dates.)
Make a field required (you must enter a value for the field).
Use an Input Mask to ensure that information, such as a
telephone number, is entered in the correct pattern of digits.
Add a validation rule, which allows more complex logic to
Make a field required and add an input mask
1 Set the Required option to Yes to force the entry of a value.
2 Click the Input Mask build button to open the Input Mask Wizard.
3 Choose an appropriate input mask.
4 Click Next.
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TIP Allow Zero Length means that when you have a required
text field, a user can type “” (empty string), which will be
considered sufficient as a required value. If you do not want to allow
this, set Allow Zero Length to No. Unless the field is required, you are
unlikely to want to set this option to No.
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