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Validate that data in a field is of the correct type
Make a field required and add an input
mask (continued)
5 Alter the pattern used in the mask if required. (At the end of this
exercise, we have provided details of the mask symbols and their meaning.)
6 Change the placeholder character if you want a different symbol.
7 Click Next.
8 Select whether any symbols in the mask are stored with the data.
9 Click Finish.
10 This mask is now displayed in design view for the selected field.
The Input Mask consists of four sections, each separated by a
semicolon (;).
The first part contains the mask. See the upcoming table for a
description of what can be entered in the mask.
In the second part, 0 means store any literal characters, and 1 or
blank means do not store literal characters.
The third part specifies the character to be displayed in each
position when you type into the mask. To use a space, enclose it
in double quotes (“ “).
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