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Validate that data in a field is of the correct type
Description (examples are for first part of the
Causes the input mask to display from right to left,
rather than from left to right. Characters typed into
the mask always fill it from left to right. You can
include the exclamation point anywhere in the input
Causes the character that follows to be displayed as
the literal character. For example, \(00\) would show
99 as (99).
Characters enclosed in double quotation marks will
be displayed literally. For example, “CODE-“999,
would display 435 as CODE-435.
Create a lookup based on values
1 Click the Lookup tab in the Field Properties section.
2 Choose either Combo Box or List Box for displaying the value
3 Choose Value List as Row Source Type.
4 Click the build button for the Row Source.
5 Type the values as a list of choices, with an optional default, and
then click OK.
6 Save your design.
TIP When you define lookups on a field and also use many of
the other validation techniques described here, and then create
a form, the form inherits copies of the defaults and field properties
that you have defined on the field. If these values are likely to change,
you might prefer to place the values in a table and look up the values
from the table. Taking time to get these features defined in the table
will save time when you start creating forms.
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