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Comparing field values by using table validation
Comparing field values by using table validation
Each table is allowed one table validation rule; this rule can
involve a number of comparisons between different
combinations of fields.
the clipboard, because if the validation fails and you cancel the
operation, the rule will be cleared and you will lose your work in
building the rule.
If your table contains data, you will be offered the option of
validating the existing data. If doing this, first copy your rule to
Create a validation rule
1 In table design view, click Property Sheet.
2 Click the Validation Rule build button.
3 Double-click to select fields to construct your expression.
4 Type into the expression to complete the comparison, and click OK.
5 The validation rule is saved in the table properties.
TIP You can use the Validation Text property if you would
prefer to display text rather than the rule when an invalid value
is entered. This property is below Validation Rule in the Property Sheet.
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