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Recording changes to text and rich text formatting
Recording changes to text and rich text formatting
The Long Text data type (which used to be called a Memo data
type) has two very special features when it comes to
formatting or recording text. The first is the field property in the table
design view, which is called Append Only. When this is set, the
field tracks all the text notes you add and allows you only to
add notes, and not to change existing notes. The second
property is support for formatted text, allowing you to change fonts,
such as bold and italics, in your text.
Append only and Rich Text for Long Text
1 Select or add a Long Text field.
2 Change the Append Only field property to Yes.
3 Change the Text Format field property to Rich Text. (You might be
asked to confirm this change, depending on whether your table
contains data. Click Yes to confirm any prompt.)
4 Save your table.
5 Display your table in Datasheet view.
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