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Creating relationships by using the Lookup Wizard
Creating relationships by using the Lookup Wizard
The Lookup Wizard is one of the most powerful features in
Access, assisting you to relate data in one table that needs to
look up data from another table.
your main table and the lookup table and provides options to
“Enforce Referential Integrity,” which means preventing users
from typing values that are not in the lookup table or from
deleting values in the lookup table that have been used in the
main table.
The Lookup Wizard will also create a relationship between
Create a lookup
1 In the table design view, move to a blank line in the Data Type
column and select the Lookup Wizard in the drop-down list.
2 Select the option to look up values from another table or query.
3 Select the table from which you will look up a value, and click Next.
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TIP Lookup fields allow you to look up data from a table or
query or from a set of values that you type. Choosing to type a
set of values works best when you have a set of choices that will not
change over time. If you use a query, you cannot tie the tables together
with a relationship. Performing lookups from a table is often the most
flexible choice to make.
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