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Creating relationships by using the Lookup Wizard
Create a lookup
4 Select both the field value to save in the new field (ID) and the field
value to display in the list (CustomerName). Click Next, on the
following screen select any fields for sorting and click Next.
5 Choose whether to show or hide the key column. (Normally, if
you have two columns selected, you would hide the primary key
column.) Click Next.
6 Type a name for the lookup field.
7 Select the Enable Data Integrity check box to make sure that the
list of customers and contacts that refer to the customers is always
8 Choose the Restrict Delete option to prevent customers from being
deleted when they are referenced by a contact.
9 Click Finish.
10 Click Yes to save your changes.
CAUTION Choosing Cascade Delete on a relationship can be
quite dangerous. In our example, it could mean that if you
delete a customer, it would delete any contacts for that customer
(depending on other relationship rules). In other circumstances, it
could have a more dramatic impact on the data, so use the Cascade
Delete option with great care!
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