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Adding relationships
Add a relationship
3 Click a field on one table.
4 Drag a field onto another table. The Edit Relationships popup
window displays when you drop the field onto the other table.
5 Select the Enforce Referential Integrity check box.
6 Click Create.
7 We can see the new relationship line displayed on the diagram.
8 Click Save to save your relationship picture.
TIP When a relationship enforces referential integrity, you
will normally see a 1 at one end of the relationship and an
infinity symbol (∞) at the other side of the relationship. In our diagram,
you will see a relationship between the Contacts and Tasks table that
does not have these symbols on the relationship line. This is because
that relationship does not enforce referential integrity checking. Most
databases do not have this ability to define relationships that might or
might not have referential integrity. A relationship without referential
integrity does not enforce rules but instead acts as a guide for how the
tables can be tied together when queries are created.
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