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Changing Access database options
Changing Access database options
The database options screen enables you to make basic choices
for controlling how you interact with your database, what you
can do with it, and how data is presented. If you have received
an application from another source or constructed a template
that includes application program code, there are also some
special considerations to give to these settings.
Because macros can be maliciously applied in applications,
Microsoft by default disables their execution. However, in
trusted applications, you will almost certainly want to enable
some of these features. Most developers will choose to disable
trusted locations and enable unsigned macro execution so that
their applications can be used. The choice is yours.
Change the default database options
1 To allow macro execution when opening a database, click Enable
2 To change the default options for the database, click the File tab.
3 Click Options.
4 Click Current Database.
5 Type a title for your application.
6 Decide whether you want an overlapping or a tabbed view. (We
suggest that you experiment with both options to see which layout
best suits your needs, using the two options under Document
Window Options.)
Click Trust Center.
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TIP If you click the Enable Content button, the next time you
open the database you will not need to do so again. However, if
you use the file system to copy the file, rename the file, or move the
file to a different location, you will be prompted again to enable the
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