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Moving between records and using Find And Replace
Moving between records and using Find And Replace
When you are working with datasheets and forms, the
navigation control on the bottom left of a datasheet layout allows you
to move forward and backward through the data, one record at
a time, or move to the first or last record. The Record Number
box also allows you to move directly to a specific record by
typing the record number to be displayed.
Move between records
1 Click the forward icon to move to the next record.
2 Click the last record icon to move to the last record.
3 In the Record box, type a record number and press Enter to go to a
specific record.
TRy ThIS The PgUp and PgDn keys are also helpful when you
are browsing through a list of records.
3 1
Search through records
1 Type a value in the Search box, and press Enter.
2 Press Ctrl+F to display more advanced searching options.
TIP The Find And Replace option provides a number of more
advanced searching features. For example, the Look In
dropdown box allows you to focus a search in the specific column that you
are working in.
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