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Filtering datasheet rows
Filtering datasheet rows
While viewing a datasheet, you can filter information by using
two techniques. The first method is to browse or search through
the data until you reach a particular piece of information and
then apply a filter based on the information you are displaying.
The second technique enables you to select one or more
columns to display specific sets of records by clicking on a column
heading. These headings then provide a drop-down list
displaying the unique data values in the column.
Apply a filter on a column
1 Click any cell containing data.
2 Right-click the selected cell. (You have a large number of shortcut
choices; the simplest is to filter by the selected value.)
TIP The Text Filters options on the shortcut menu will change
depending on the data type. For example, with a date you will
get over 20 choices for filtering dates. This feature makes filtering your
data very simple.
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