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Filtering combinations of choices with Filter By Form
Filtering combinations of choices with Filter by Form
The advanced filtering and sorting options provide two different
ways to make selections for filtering: using the Advanced Filter/
Sort option or using the Filter By Form option. You can save
both filtering methods by using the Save As Query option and
then reapply them by using the Load From Query option. We
will discuss queries in Section 6, “Select data using queries.”
The Filter By Form option is similar to Advanced Filter/Sort but
offers more assistance, with drop-down boxes for selecting
data values as well as presenting alternative criteria on separate
Apply Filter by Form
1 Click Advanced Filter Options on the ribbon.
2 Select Filter By Form.
3 Either type criteria or use the drop-down list of values.
4 Use the Or tabs to enter additional criteria.
5 Click the Filter button to apply the filter.
TIP Text can be shown beside the icons in the Sort & Filter
group. This text can be hidden, depending on screen resolution
(in our screen, it is hidden), and this can also depend on whether Access
is set to use Overlapping Windows or Tabbed Documents, as described)
in “Change the default database options” on page 72. You might see
the additional text Toggle Filter next to the icon depending on your
screen resolution.
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