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Filtering combinations of choices with Filter By Form
Save a filter as a query
1 As previously described, select either Filter By Form or Advanced
Filter/Sort from the Advanced Filter Options menu.
2 Click Advanced Filter Options again.
3 Click Save As Query.
4 Type a name for the query, and click OK.
TIP When you enter text criteria, such as Beverages, you don’t
need to type the double quote marks around the text (“Bever-
ages”) because Access knows this is a text field and will add the double
quotes. However, if you need to type a special character, such as an
ampersand (&), as part of the data criteria, you will need to start by
typing the quotation marks. Otherwise, Access can interpret the special
character as an operation and produce “Baked Goods” & “Mixes,” which
is not the same as “Baked Goods & Mixes.” This kind of problem is
arises only when your data contains special characters.
SEE ALSo For a more comprehensive description of working
with the filter grid, see Section 6, “Selecting data using queries,”
starting on page 95.
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