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Filtering combinations of choices with Advanced Filter/Sort
Filtering combinations of choices with Advanced Filter/Sort
The basic filtering option allows you to apply only a single set of
filter criteria to data, but the more advanced options allow you
to apply combinations of criteria—for example, when
combining two different price criteria independently on two different
product categories, you can examine how the product ranges
compare against each other.
The advanced filtering and sorting options provide a more
sophisticated method for controlling the display of the results.
The interface used for defining these filters is very similar to the
interface used to create queries.
Apply Advanced Filter/Sort
1 Click Advanced Filter Options on the ribbon.
2 Select Advanced Filter/Sort.
3 In the popup window, double-click (or simply drag) to add fields to
filter by to the grid.
4 Type your filter criteria on each line, below the column name.
5 Right-click in the gray part of the screen.
6 Click Apply Filter/Sort.
CAUTIon The ribbon drop-down item is called Advanced
Filter Options, but one of those options is called Advanced
Filter/Sort. It is easy to confuse these terms.
TIP When working with either the Advanced Filter/Sort or
Filter By Form option, you can save the filter as a query, and you
can also load a filter from an existing query. These options are grayed
out when you first use the Advanced Filter Options menu but are
available after you have opened either Filter By Form or Advanced
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