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Inserting and updating records
Inserting and updating records
When you open a datasheet, you can normally edit the data
by typing into a column. When you start to change a record,
you will see a marker on the record indicating that the record is
being edited. The Undo {Esc} key, when pressed once, will undo
the current column value in the row you are changing. When
pressed a second time, it will undo all changes made to the row.
To save changes to a record, you can perform one of the
following actions: click the next field or record, close the datasheet, or
press Shift+Enter.
Edit and then save and undo changes to a
saved record
1 Start typing into any column in the row. (Notice how the record
selector changes the symbol to a pencil, indicating that the record
is being edited.)
2 Click in the next row; this will save the record.
3 Click the Undo icon. (This will undo changes made to the saved
TIP After you have saved a record the you can still undo
changes by using the Undo icon, provided the datasheet has
not been closed.
Insert a record
1 Click the New Blank Record icon, or click the last record, which is
marked as (New).
2 Start typing into the row.
3 Click another record to save your changes.
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