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Inserting Page Breaks
3. Click a cover page design.
Word adds your chosen cover page as the first page of your document.
A document can have only one cover page at a time. If you choose another
cover page, Word deletes your current cover page and replaces it with the
new one you chose.
After you add a cover page, you may want to delete it later. To delete a cover
page, follow these steps:
1. Click the Insert tab.
2. Click Cover Page in the Pages group.
A pull-down menu appears (refer to Figure 7-1).
3. Choose Remove Current Cover Page.
Word deletes your cover page.
Inserting Page Breaks
Rather than insert a new page, you may want to break text on an existing
page into two pages. To insert a page break in your document, follow these
1. Move the cursor where you want to break your document into two
2. Click the Insert tab.
3. Click the Page Break icon in the Pages group.
Word breaks your document into two pages.
To delete a page break, move the cursor to the top of the page directly
following the page break you want to delete. Then press Backspace.
As an alternative to following Steps 2 and 3 in the preceding step list, you can
just press Ctrl+Enter to create a page break at the cursor’s current location.
Inserting Headers and Footers
Headers and footers appear at the top (headers) and bottom (footers) on one
or more pages of your document. Headers and footers can display
information such as titles, chapter names, dates, and page numbers.
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