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Inserting Page Breaks
Figure 7-2:
The Design
tab provides
modifying your
headers and
2. Select the Different First Page check box in the Options group.
Word displays a header or footer with the name First Page Header
or First Page Footer .
3. Click the Close Header and Footer icon.
Word dims your header and footer text.
Creating unique headers and footers for odd and even pages
Sometimes you may want different headers or footers to appear on even or
odd pages. In most books, even page numbers (headers) appear in the
upperleft corner while odd page numbers (headers) appear in the upper-right
corner. To create this effect in your own documents, you need to create
different headers to appear on odd and even pages.
To create a different header or footer for even and odd numbered pages,
follow these steps:
1. Click the Insert tab, click the Header icon in the Header & Footer
group, and choose Edit Header.
The Design tab appears.
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