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Organizing Text in Tables
If you need to draw new lines on a table later, click anywhere inside that
table and the Design tab appears. Then click the Draw Table icon to turn
the mouse pointer into a pencil icon. Now you can draw new lines in
your table.
Creating a table from existing text
If you have existing text that you’d like to turn into a table, you need to first
separate text into chunks so Word knows how to place the text into
individual cells in a table. To separate text, you need to use a unique character
such as
Paragraphs: The invisible Return character separates text.
Tabs: The invisible Tab character separates text.
Commas: Commas separates text.
Other: You can define other characters to separate text, such as the #
or @ characters.
By dividing text with the same unique character, you can define how you
want Word to define how much text to display in each individual cell of a
table, as shown in Figure 7-6.
Figure 7-6:
How Word
text into
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