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Formatting and Coloring a Table
Figure 7-11:
Tables can
align text
within cells
in nine
different ways.
To align one or more cells, follow these steps:
1. Click in the cell that contains text you want to align.
The Table Tools tab appears.
2. Click the Layout tab.
3. Click an alignment icon in the Alignment group (refer to Figure 7-11)
such as Top Right or Bottom Center.
Word aligns your text. If you changed the alignment of blank cells, any
new text you type in those blank cells will appear according to the
alignment you chose.
Picking a table style
By coloring rows or columns and adding borders, you can customize the
appearance of your tables. However, it can be much faster to use a
predesigned table style instead, which can automatically format your text, color
rows, and add borders to your tables.
To choose a table style, follow these steps:
1. Move the cursor inside the table you want to modify.
2. Click the Design tab.
3. (Optional) Click or clear check boxes under the Table Style Options
group, such as the Header Row or Last Column check box.
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