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Formatting and Coloring a Table
4. Click the More button on the Table Styles group.
A pull-down menu of all available styles appears, as shown in Figure 7-12.
As you move the mouse pointer over a table style, Word displays a live
preview of how your table will look.
Figure 7-12:
The Table
Styles group
different ways
to format
your table.
5. Click a table style.
Word formats your table according to the style you chose.
Resizing columns and rows
You may need to resize a column or row in your table to expand or shrink it
so your text doesn’t appear crowded or surrounded by empty space. You can
resize a column or row by using the mouse or by defining row heights and
column widths.
To resize a row or column with the mouse, follow these steps:
1. Move the mouse over the row or column border that you want to
The mouse pointer turns into a two-way pointing arrow.
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