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Formatting and Coloring a Table
2. Hold the left mouse button down and drag (move) the mouse to resize
the row or column.
3. Release the left mouse button when you’re happy with the size of the
row or column.
Using the mouse to resize a row or column can be fast, but if you want to
resize a row or column to a specific height or width, you can type in the
specific dimensions by following these steps:
1. Select the row, column, or table that you want to modify. (If you select
the entire table, you can adjust the width or height of rows and
columns for your entire table.)
2. Click the Layout tab and look in the Cell Size group.
If you want to define the width or height of multiple rows or columns
equally, either
• Click the Distribute Columns or Distribute Rows icon in the Cell
Size group.
• Click the Show Table Properties icon in the bottom-right corner of
the Cell Size group to display the Table Properties dialog box, as
shown in Figure 7-13.
Figure 7-13:
The Cell
Size group
and the
dialog box
let you
adjust the
size of
columns and
3. To precisely define a column’s width, click the Width list box and type
a value (or click the up/down arrows to choose a value).
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