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Deleting Tables
Deleting cells
You can delete data in cells just by selecting the data and pressing the Delete
key. If you want to delete data and the cell itself, you have two options:
Delete a cell and shift adjacent rows or columns. This creates an
oddshaped table.
Delete the data and cell borders. This keeps the table symmetrical but
often merges cells.
To delete a cell and change the physical layout of a table, follow these steps:
1. Select the cell or cells you want to delete.
2. Click the Layout tab under the Table Tools tab.
3. Click the Delete icon in the Rows & Columns group.
A pull-down menu appears (refer to Figure 7-16).
4. Choose Delete Cells.
The Delete Cells dialog box appears.
5. Select the radio button for Shift Cells Left or Shift Cells Up.
6. Click OK.
Word deletes your chosen cells and shifts cells left or up, creating an
odd-shaped table with missing cells, as shown in Figure 7-17.
Figure 7-17:
When you
delete a
cell, Word
shifts any
cells left
or up.
Deleting cell borders
Word also lets you delete individual cell lines by using the mouse. By using the
mouse, you can delete borders and merge adjacent cells at the same time.
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