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Dividing Text into Columns
Dividing Text into Columns
When you type, Word normally displays your text to fill the area defined by
the left and right margins. However, you can also divide a page into two or
three columns, which can be especially handy for printing newsletters.
To divide a document into columns, follow these steps:
1. Click the Page Layout tab.
2. Select the text that you want to divide into columns. (Press Ctrl+A to
select your entire document.)
3. Click the Columns icon.
A pull-down menu appears that lists different column styles, as shown in
Figure 7-21.
Figure 7-21:
menu lists
types of
columns you
can use.
4. Click a column style.
Word changes your document to display columns.
Editing columns
After you create two or three columns in your document, you may want
to modify their widths, modify the spacing between columns, and choose
whether to display a vertical line between columns. To edit columns, follow
these steps:
1. Move the cursor to the text divided into columns that you want to
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